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PitStop Pro

PDF checked, fixed, ready


A certified expert

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Connect everything with everything.

About PitStop

PitStop Pro

Preflight your way

The comprehensive PDF tool for prepress:

  • Confidently preflight and edit PDF files for print

  • Automatic fixes make prepress more efficient

  • Global user base of over 135,000

  • Adobe Acrobat® plug-in ensures standardized PDF

  • Full support and training from Colour Engine

PitStop Server

PitStop Server is PDF preflight automation

PitStop Server brings powerful quality control and automation features to your PDF production process by:

  • Monitoring multiple file submission points, such as FTP servers, emails and network hot folders

  • Intelligently routing your files for PDF preflight and correction

  • Fully automating delivery and archival of production files

PitStop Server automates onboarding, preflight and PDF file repair while providing access to functionality that broadens your approach to workflow automation.

Action Man Services

Action Man Services

At Colour Engine we love a challenge.

Custom actions and preflight built to order.

Buy, train and support

From your first call to the full install we always…….

About Enfocus Switch

Switch is the only true print workflow automation platform.

Switch connects:

  • MIS

  • Web-to-print

  • Imposition

  • Online Proofing

  • PDF Preflight

  • And everything else!

The road to automation is built on connections. Integration starts with connecting business systems into a single automated workflow.

PDF Review

Automated PDF quality control with online proofing

With this solution, Switch has PitStop Server seamlessly integrated in the workflow:

  • Incoming PDF files are checked automatically and files that pass preflight are sent to online proofing using the PDF Review Module

  • If a file is not approved during review, an operator is alerted allowing him/her to look at the file and edit or correct the file before submitting it back into the flow for further production

  • Files that are approved and have passed the quality control step are moved directly to production, so that the operator does not need to spend any time on them

Online demo

Load up your own (PreFlight, load your file) file, or use our automatic demo (Preflight, use demo file). The Enfocus Switch Web Module links to the Switch Server and will PreFlight for Low Res Image & Missing Fonts only.

If it’s all good it will send an email to sign off a proof. Our demo file will fail! Fast 1st line check for printers. The link opens in a new web page and is the frontend of the Switch workflow. Check your email for responses. User name and Password is demo

An Enfocus Certified Expert and Reseller
An Enfocus Certified Expert and Reseller

Certified Reseller

To be recognized as Certified Reseller you need to be a software reseller offering one of more of the Enfocus products and add significant added value to our customers. Certified Resellers must be able to offer our more demanding customers appropriate pre- and post-sales support.

Certified Expert

Software resellers, Certified Resellers, software training centers and independent consultants can qualify as Certified Expert. In that case they are certified to be able to offer more profound in-house product expertise on one or more of the Enfocus products.

Is the software and are we right for you?

Enfocus PitStop, PitStop Server, Switch, Apps, Modules..!!

There’s quite a lot of software and options to choose from. 

We can help you navigate the choices, define realistic expectations, and help deliver on time and on budget.

Scoping and demo


When we ask a company what they’d like from automation we often hear, Lights Out, Faster, Less Errors, all great aims but often too much too soon.

Working together we can isolate some easy hanging fruit, scope the needs, create a demo flow and then you can try it for 30 days. 

Over the trial period Colour Engine support, learn and tweak. If we don’t deliver you don’t buy.

Support and training

Support and training

If you get good training the support is easier. 

We tailor support packages to suit you and your companies in house resources. Some customers use us very little, others as part of the company.


To find out more, arrange a demo or a free consultation please contact us.

The Enfocus website has in depth details on their software.