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Sunday, 30 September 2012

Multisets installs Alwan

Alwan CMYK Optimizer

Swindon based Multisets has undertaken a colour-managed project to certify its narrow web offset presses.

The company focuses on NCR sets, pads and business forms but client demands for increasing amounts of direct mail and transactional print have meant Multisets has had to deal with more exacting process colour requirements.

Click here to find out more!The project was managed by Paul Sherfield of the Missing Horse Consultancy and covered training and the development of colour-managed workflows covering the main paper stocks used for process colour printing to meet ISO 12647/2.To help reprofile images the company installed Alwan CMYK Optimiser colour server and callibrated lighting conditions for consistent viewing including installing GTI D50 viewing booths at some locations.

Thursday, 30 June 2011

Blackmore cuts ink costs

Alwan CMYK Optimizer

Blackmore cuts ink costs

Dorset-based sheetfed and web offset litho printer Blackmore has said it will save around £15,000 a year on ink costs after investing in Alwan's CMYK Optimizer software.

Blackmore installed the ink optimisation software at the start of the year to coincide with an investment "will over £1m" in two Komori presses, an LS40-5+L five-colour B1 press with anilox coater and an LS29-5 B2 press, which was installed at its Reading-based sister company Lamport Gilbert.

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According to Blackmore, it has been able to save between 14-25% on ink costs, depending on the job's image content, since installing the software across both businesses back in January. Sales and marketing director David Bland added that there had also been a notable improvement in image quality.

Monday, 24 September 2012

Alwan, G7® System Certification

Alwan APX

Alwan, G7® System Certification

Alexandria, VA, September 10, 2012 — IDEAlliance® has awarded Alwan Color Expertise, a worldwide leader in color management and standardization software, G7® System Certification for its technology, Alwan PRINT Standardizer, which gives printers the ability to print to ISO standard 12647 while calibrating their press to the IDEAlliance G7® standard.Since the launch of G7 grayscale calibration in 2005, printers worldwide have chosen to conform to either ISO 12647 or IDEAlliance’s G7 grayscale calibration methodology.

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

IPA Ink Optimization RoundUP


IPA Ink Optimization RoundUP

Alwan CMYK Optimizer ECO particiapted in the IPA Ink Optimization Roundup. The first and most comprehensive study to date testing systems for, Total Ink Reduction, Colour Change, Stability on Press, File Integrity and Features.

Alwan CMYK Optimizer ECO was rated first among stand-alone ink saving systems before nine other systems.

Monday, 15 October 2012

QuadTech partners with Alwan

Alwan APX Dot Gain QuadTech

QuadTech partners with Alwan

Alwan PRINT Standardizer analyzes allspectral measurements coming from QuadTech's SpectralCam, and generates Dynamic Press Calibration curves that will be applied on the CTP device for the subsequent jobs.

Thursday, 07 February 2013

Alwan adds digital and web-offset support

Adsend Alwan CMYK Optimizer

Alwan adds digital and web-offset support

Alwan adds digital and web-offset support to Print Standardizer 4.6

Alwan Color Expertise has extended its Print Standardizer product line with an entry-level version for small firms and digital operations and an industrial version for web-offset printers.


"Our partners asked for a cut down version suitable for digital printers that supported hand held spectrophotometers like the X-Rite i1, which we have addressed with the new Start version, which costs £2,000," said Alwan president Elie Khoury. 

"The Pro version is designed to work with on-press spectral camera systems from QuadTech and GMI."

The first implementation of the Pro Version was at Italian firm Grafiche Mercuric, which wanted to match colour across its sheetfed and web presses, which it achieved late last year.

Another new feature in the latest version, 4.6, is support for X-Rite’s XRGA colour data standard. XRGA normalises colour data from X-Rite and former Gretag Macbeth devices, to improve inter-instrument agreement.

"Now standards have been widely implemented there is a greater need for common measurements across instruments and plants," said Khoury. XRGA, he claimed, could reduce the disparity from a delta-E of five to less than one.

Lastly, the software supports Substrate Corrected Colorimetric Aims (SCCA). This feature is needed to implement the US G7 specification, but can also help European printers working to ISO 12647 methods greater flexibility in their paper choices.

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