Alwan CMYK Optimizer v4 out now


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Alwan CMYK Optimizer v4 out now

Alwan CMYK Optimizer v4 out now


What's new

Alwan CMYK Optimizer X version 4 is now available for upgrading and includes :
Higher productivity: 30% - 50%  faster than previous versions.
New Alwan Colour Engine: higher ink savings, Updated Adobe BPC.
New Alwan Colour Engine: higher colour accuracy.
Jumbo file support, can easily process 1GB+ files.
Cross-platform: Mac OS X and Windows platforms supported and VM.
Better support of PDF, PDF/X1-a and PDF/X4 with the New Adobe PDF Library.
- Queue Priority option.
Very large PDF files improved support: for printing of posters, signage etc.


Alwan CMYK Optimizer® ECO edition (ACE) is a unique solution that allows printers to significantly reduce ink and toner consumption of their presses without any visible change to the printed colors.
ACE is the ideal complement of prepress workflow and Alwan Prepress products color management.
ACE preflights PDF files or imposed forms color content and ink consumption and ensures the highest possible color ink reduction and printability while maintaining color.
ACE recognizes your output printing conditions and press ICC Profile and optimizes black generation for the destination process.
ACE delivers ISO 12647 Color conformance reports that can be used for internal Quality Assurance purposes or sent to clients.

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