Colour Engine Delivers Cost Efficiencies at Garnett Dickenson


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Colour Engine Delivers Cost Efficiencies at Garnett Dickenson

Colour Engine Delivers Cost Efficiencies at Garnett Dickenson

Delivering powerful standardisation of files and flexibility for advanced colour management controls now.


Colour Engine, the leading specialist distributor for colour management and soft proofing tools is working closely with Garnett Dickenson to streamline production through the standardisation of files.

Using advanced colour management with Alwan CMYK Optimizer in Prepress complemented by sophisticated and accurate press calibration and controls in the press room, Colour Engine is delivering results.

Garnett Dickenson has been using tools supported by Colour Engine’s expertise for over two years and is reporting significant improvements in quality, consistency and cost savings across the group.

Mark Bennett, Managing Director at Garnett Dickenson says, “We can highly recommend Colour Engine’s services.

Their expertise is making a massive difference to our business. We can now produce a final product on a vast range of stocks from 45gm up to 250gm and still maintain sharpness and vividness of colour.

Importantly, these levels of quality meet our customers’ expectations. Colour management is something that we now manage throughout our business no matter what the job or process.

Since Colour Engine has been on board we continue to achieve outstanding results.”


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