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Fespa UK News

Colour Engine Rev Up for Membership

Colour Engine the ‘go to’ guys for high-end colour management have joined FESPA UK Association.


For the past seven years Colour Engine have been working with both very large and small POS printers in the UK and have a great track record of looking after their clients.

Mark Anderton MD at Colour Engine, comments: “There’s nobody else quite like us -we’re an interesting hybrid of software distributer, consultancy and communications rolled into one, offering excellent technical knowledge and straightforward advice that is too often lacking from some operations.

“Better colour whilst using less ‘digital ink’ realised by the intelligent use of GCR is just one of the wins Association members may be interested in, but there are many more. We know our way around all the Print Standards and our experience across digital, litho and flexo gives us an unequalled breadth of knowledge.

“We joined FESPA UK Association because we liked their professionalism and enthusiasm to help their members and we hope to be able to grow our business through building relationships. For POS and speciality printers we need to further understand their issues and so our approach is conversational.

“We offer first class Colour Management Services, pre-sales, specification, workflow, specialist lighting services, colour accurate monitor proofing, digital closed loop, installation, training, documentation, support, consultancy along with instrumentation and hardware where needed.

“We’re excited to be working with FESPA UK Association and plan to build a great partnership with the Association and its members.”

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