Hit the Spot. Print Solutions #52 – October 2018


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Hit the Spot. Print Solutions #52 – October 2018

Colour Engine is an expert when it comes to colour management, but it also helps customers to solve problems. When it comes to brand colours, Logos and product flavours it will help to maintain the consistency of the brand.

Print Solutions #52 – October 2018

So, imagine the scenario. You are printing a job where brand colour is crucial. Fine.
You keep your press in good order and your operator is hot on calibration and colour management.
So you work the job through pre-press, prepare plates, set up the press,
start a proof run with your happy customer ready to sign off, only to find that they become unhappy as the colour is way out - or even a little out.
This is the customer's brand we are talking about and it needs to be printed again.
What a waste of time, resources and effort!
Reproduction of brand colours using C M Y K inks has been problematic for a number of reasons.
Unrealistic expectations, poor PDF colour definitions, inaccurate press profiles, and more.
Yet with help from Colour Engine, when you promise a customer that you will print their brand colour on that substrate within a Delta E of 'x',
that is what they will get. No more, 'we will view and measure your colour after it is printed', to assess if the guesswork, worked.
Colour Engine can help you to predict colour way upstream and
show how the converted colour will print at the time of quotation, that is sales quote time - before the job gets logged onto the
MIS, and miles before going anywhere near the pressroom.
Colour Engine will build a tool for you to help you do just that - and potentially integrate it with your existing systems.
Colour magic
So, how does this colour magic work?
The problem is that spot colour data can easily get buried either in software or be read late in the workflow.
Colour Engine services help you see that data early, in a number of ways depending on the
software you have. It will also help you to make sense of the data, from a spreadsheet where you simply enter the Pantone reference
to complex MIS integrations delivering the results back as PDF, html, e-mail or .xml.
Data can be routed through an MIS to analyse the file and Delta E for a number of print processes and substrates. Colour Engine
can help in a number of ways including standardisation of the files so that all spot colours are defined correctly and use the correct
Pantone library, Lab values and if needed, names. Importantly, it ensures the destination colour is accurate whether you are outputting on litho, flexo or digital.
With a completely accurate prediction, it may also be possible to cut a five colour job down to four, or move a job from flexo, better suited for digital.
Colour Engine offers a number of powerful colour management and workflow solutions including Alwan ColorHub, Enfocus Switch,
and PitStop Pro and joins it all up. With Colour Engine, you can be sure to hit the right spot - each and every time.