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Tuesday, 07 October 2014

Colour Engine helps Swiftprint

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Colour Engine helps Swiftprint

Colour Engine helps Swiftprint

"Six months down the line we are seeing a huge difference in productivity, time efficiency and quality on colour matching. I'd say the investment we've made in their consultancy and training has already paid for itself. In a short space of time we have gone from strength to strength and can now see huge time savings in the studio - at least a day a week"

Phil Earle, Managing Director


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Monday, 23 June 2014

Client quotes


We asked some of our clients what they thought of Colour Engine and our service.

The overarching reasons that we have bought from Colour Engine in the past is that you were able to offer trustworthy expert advice yet still remain extremely competitive on price.

Paul Shorey, The Telegraph

     Why will you buy from us in the future? or not ..


Great support and in-depth knowledge of the products you sell.

Ben Baker, TAG


Yes. The support provided before, during and after each sale was second to none and very much appreciated.

Paul Shorey, The Telegraph


I would have no hesitation in buying from you in the future.

Alan O'Reilly, Typeform