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John Brown Media

“I have hardly needed to call on Colour Engine for support but when I have done they have been really helpful, are obviously very knowledgeable and sort out any issues fast.”

Paul Warrick Creative Service Manager : John Brown Media

In Paul Warrick's job, no news is good news. As creative services manager at John Brown Media company, a good day at the office for him is one where the colour profiles that he has built for, say, the latest John Lewis magazine, have been up to scratch, so no one gets back in touch after the press pass run.


An even better day is one where Warrick forgets what a fiendishly complex process building colour profiles for different substrates and processes actually is, as his Alwan CMYK Optimizer software is busily working away behind the scenes to get it done for him.

 "The whole idea of the Alwan software is that you don’t really notice it," says Warrick. "The good thing about it is I don’t really have to look at it, other than adding a cue every now and again."

 And this, explains Warrick, is a very different situation to when this multimedia publisher’s in-house pre-press department was using another software package to create colour profiles.

 "Before we got the CMYK Optimizer software in December, that was all done manually, so when a magazine came down to the department, whoever happened to be working on it had to think ‘right I’m working on John Lewis magazine so I better change my settings for that,’" says Warrick. "Now the CMYK Optimizer automatically filters it through and changes the settings to what we need, so it does all our colour management for us."