Other UK and Worldwide Alwan Clients include


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Other UK and Worldwide Alwan Clients include

BBC Magazines, Readers Digest, News International, Southernprint, Stones the Printers, Delta Displays.

Alwan International Clients

There are more than 500 Alwan software installations in/around the world today. About 60% of them are in offset printing houses, the rest is dispatched between newspapers,  
gravure, sheetfed printing, and publishers. However, Alwan expects a significant rise in the number of publishers, newspapers and paper-printers in the future.  
Currently, the majority of Alwan customers are in the United States and in Europe and their sizes range from the small business to international Companies. 
Alwan has implemented its solutions at Quebecor, RR Donnelly, Quad Graphics, Vertis, Maury, SEGO, Le Figaro, Mondadori, Techno-Stampa, Thieme Group,  
Sandy Alexander, Bemis and hundreds of other prestigious names in the graphic industry.