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S P Group

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S P Group

S P Group, a UK retail marketing services business and a POS production specialists, has increased production efficiency and ink savings with a suite of Alwan Color Expertise technology.

The software, which was installed in October 2010 by Alwan's UK distributor, Colour Engine, which comprises Alwan CMYK Optimier ECO, Alwan Print Standardiser, Print Standardiser Viewer and Alwan Print Verifier. Nick Stevens, technical director at SP Group, said: 'Alwan is delivering real cost savings - we are confident of at least 10 per cent savings and above - but to look at the end result, you wouldn't have thought we were using less ink as our print looks as good as it has always done.


SP Group has a complicated production set-up with a mix of digital, screen print and litho output. For over two years Nick Stevens researched and tested all the systems on the market.

Stevens added: 'We needed a system that would simplify and automate production at SP Group while delivering ink savings and reliable, consistent print across all platforms. Out of all the products we looked at, Alwan ticked the most boxes and importantly, plugged into our existing Dalim workflow so we were able to avoid the expense and disruption of a whole new installation.

SP Group produces various retail advertising elements for one campaign on different output devices and it is vital that the quality and colour of the images is consistent even though one element has been produced digitally and the other litho.

Stevens explained: 'The Alwan system is configurable to all our different processes and we find it fast and easy to maintain. Colour Engine has been really helpful and they really know Alwan well. I would recommend them to anyone as technology partners.

SP Group's production facilities include one Inca Onset S70, two Inca Colombias, two HP Design Jets, four HP Indigo 5500 three Epson printers for proofing, two Lamdas and a KBA 205 large format litho press.

March 2011