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Friday, 06 December 2013

Joe Fazzi Joins Alwan

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Joe Fazzi Joins Alwan

Joe Fazzi Joins Forces with Elie Khoury to Promote New Color and Print Standards Worldwide

Lyon, December 3rd 2013. At times where many are wondering what the future of print will be, others are putting their experience and energy in helping the print industry become more attractive than it has ever been before. Today, after six years at IDEAlliance as Vice President of Media Production Technologies where he successfully developed many programs that have transformed the print industry around the globe, Joe Fazzi decided to join Elie Khoury in promoting international standards and providing innovating and state-of-the-art solutions and services enabling all print providers to work to standards in an efficient and profitable way.

Elie Khoury, founder and President of Alwan Color Expertise and KEE consultants explains his choice: "For the last 16 years, I have been helping commercial printers and print buyers work to ISO standards to improve their communication, products quality and customer satisfaction. To achieve this goal, it was necessary to help them understand the requirements and the benefits of ISO standards, provide them with solutions that enables them to implement these standards in their production workflows, and offer them the required consultancy and training services for their operators to understand and use standard practices in daily production. These three key factors of success are behind my involvement in standards committees and my action as President of Alwan Color Expertise and KEE Consultants. With the emergence of new printing technologies and standards for the commercial and packaging applications, it became clear to me that more energy and presence were needed to help these industries evolve to the new production and quality standards. Knowing how Joe Fazzi successfully helped the graphic industry globally with IDEAlliance and its five affiliates, the choice was quite natural for me. 

I am convinced that Joe's experience and energy at my side as VP of business development will benefit everybody: the market, its actors, as well as Alwan and KEE."

Joe Fazzi is thrilled by this new personal and professional challenge and opportunity: "I am excited to be joining Elie Khoury, Alwan Color Expertise and the talented network of KEE Consultants International. Taking the guesswork out of color through intelligent color management software, streamlined workflows, standards, and best practices continue to shape how we manage the business of Print and benefit the entire print industry. It is with great honor that I join Elie & his team on this journey".

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