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Thursday, 18 October 2018

Hit the Spot. Print Solutions #52 – October 2018

Alwan Labels Spot Switch

Hit the Spot. Print Solutions #52 – October 2018

Colour Engine is an expert when it comes to colour management, but it also helps customers to solve problems. When it comes to brand colours, Logos and product flavours it will help to maintain the consistency of the brand.

Print Solutions #52 – October 2018

Tuesday, 16 April 2019

Alwan ColorHub gets even better

Alwan Labels Spot Switch

Alwan ColorHub gets even better

Alwan ColorHub (and CMYK Optimizer before) has always proven to be the best choice for your demanding customers since its first release in 2004.

Our competitors and other workflow manufacturers have since developed technologies giving comparable results and are currently chasing your customers claiming superior ink savings.

This is why we developed our new Ink Saving Boost technology which puts the bar so high that no competitive software or workflow will be able to beat it for a long time.

Since the release of Alwan ColorHub 6.5 in December 2018, we have won all comparative tests, be it with conventional presses, digital presses (Konica Minolta KM-1, Xerox Trivor) or large format printers! We were also able to win several competitive upgrades at customers using other ink saving technologies.

Upgrade and keep your customers, and win customers over your competitors thanks to Alwan Ink Saving Boost!

Alwan’s Dynamic Maximum Black ink saving technology has been selling and used successfully by our customers since seven years. However, when we tested Alwan’s new Ink Saving Boost technology, we were impressed to see that not only ink savings were significantly boosted in many cases, but that color accuracy and reproduction quality were improved as well!

Real production tests and ink consumption calculations done with 550,000 prints done of each vendor software. Alwan ColorHub showed a better image quality and 5% more ink savings with Alwan Ink Saving Boost! De Jong therefore decided to upgrade and keep URTS for Alwan ColorHub!

Not only Alwan Hydra profile in a Fiery Controller gave better colorimetric results and grey balance than CGS Press Matcher. Moreover, using the Xerox Trivor's functionality to output a report of ink used on the device per job showed that Alwan using Ink Saving Boost had best ink savings.

We were able to replace ColorLogic and BasicColor by Alwan ColorHub and win 2 new customers with potential sales for additional Alwan products and services.