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Alwan CMYK Optimizer, Colour Server and Ink Saver


Color Server for CMYK, RGB with Ink Saver Optimisation and  Standardisation Technology.

Alwancolor's software production tools are used by hundreds of clients worldwide including Designers, Publishers, Repro Houses and Printers.

Why? Because they save time and money with the highest quality results. 

Designers, Publishers and Repro Houses can ensure all their images and files are standardised, TAC controlled and fit for print. Using the built in Adobe Print Library for perfect Transparency handling files can be processed in seconds compared to hours. 

  • CMYK to CMYK
  • RGB to CMYK
  • RGB, Spot and CMYK to CMYK
  • RGB, Spot and CMYK to Multicolor

Built around an Open Standard ICC Interface that allows user to create a new queue in minutes at no additional cost or wait. CMYK Optimizer delivers the flexibility needed in today's graphic world backed up by Colour Engine's fast support. The Pre Press version has this and more, please have a look at features page and call us for a demo.

For Printers CMYK Optimizer the Press and ECO versions includes Ink Savings using advanced Dynamic Device Link Technology. Files can be adapted from ISO Coated to Uncoated for beautiful files that print with ease. The benefits are

  • Reduce Ink usage by up to 40%
  • Better Proof to Print matching
  • Print to Numbers
  • Faster Drying Times
  • Less Set Off
  • Happier Customers