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Alwan ColorHub Press

In everyday production, the printer has to deal with files received from different sources that do not print well on the press. This may be due to a variety of reasons, such as a mismatch between colour separation and press profile or between the black generation in the file and the optimal black generation for the used process, or between ink values in the file and press and paper requirements.

Alwan Colorhub Press allows a pre-press company or printer to check and correct automatically and dynamically the colors and ink weight characteristics of incoming files, before sending them for plate output. It can be used with any four-color process (+ spots) regardless of the output technology so is suitable for litho, flexo, gravure, digital, screen etc. The hotfolder-based system offers automatic and dynamic dot gain compensation, TAC correction and black generation for optimal printing.

The benefits of using Alwan Colorhub Press include:

Standardization of CMYK files from all sources
Improved printability, faster make-readies and finishing
Improved color rendering and quality
Better match with color managed proof
Solves virtually all set-off problems caused by heavy ink weights
Easier and more stable printing
Substantial ink savings of up to 30 per cent 

Please call Mark Anderton on 0113 815 1799 for a demo and trial.