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Alwan ColorHub v6

Awlan ColorHub is the natural successor and replacement for the award winning CMYK Optimizer. ColorHub is a Colour Server for CMYK, RGB, Multicolor and more with Ink Saver Optimisation and Standardisation Technology.

Alwancolor's software production tools are used by hundreds of clients worldwide including Designers, Publishers, Repro Houses and Printers.

Why? Because they save time and money with the highest quality results. 

Designers, Publishers and Repro Houses can ensure all their images and files are standardised, TAC controlled and fit for print. Using the built in Adobe Print Library for perfect Transparency handling files can be processed in seconds compared to hours. 

Built around an Open Standard ICC Interface that allows user to create a new queue in minutes at no additional cost or wait. ColorHub delivers the flexibility needed in today's graphic world backed up by Colour Engine's fast support.

For Printers ColorHub the Press and ECO versions includes Ink Savings using advanced Dynamic Device Link Technology. Files can be adapted from ISO Coated to Uncoated for beautiful files that print with ease. The benefits are

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Alwan ColorHub Editions and Options

ACH Editions web



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Alwan ColorHub E-media Edition

As more and more Print files are duplicated for use through Ipads, Phones and Screen then there is a greater need for better colour fidelity. Alwan's ColorHub E-media edition delivers fast accurate colour from CMYK to RGB effortlessly. 

Using the same technolgy printers with RGB devices such as Lambdas can benefit from automation and superb results for Images as well as PDFs.

For advanced uses outputting to Lab is available and a K/Grey only option often needed in Digital Print.

Alwan ColorHub E-media; a great product, great training and fast support. Please call Mark Anderton on 0113 815 1799 for a demo and trial.


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Alwan ColorHub PrePress  

Our clients tell the story for us in how AlwanColorHub PrePress can help you today.

“Alwan CMYK Optimizer is a joy to work with,” continues Paul Warrick. “It’s really quick, does what it says it will and is extremely user-friendly and intuitive. Our other colour management software requires liaison with the developer. We have to email in to them with details of the job we want to do and the next day we can move ahead. Alwan works with standard CMYK profiles and just gets on with it, fast. I never have to even look at it, it’s just there doing its thing."




Alwan ColorHub PrePress; a great product, great training and fast support. Please call Mark Anderton on 0113 815 1799 for a demo and trial.


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Alwan ColorHub Press

In everyday production, the printer has to deal with files received from different sources that do not print well on the press. This may be due to a variety of reasons, such as a mismatch between colour separation and press profile or between the black generation in the file and the optimal black generation for the used process, or between ink values in the file and press and paper requirements.

Alwan Colorhub Press allows a pre-press company or printer to check and correct automatically and dynamically the colors and ink weight characteristics of incoming files, before sending them for plate output. It can be used with any four-color process (+ spots) regardless of the output technology so is suitable for litho, flexo, gravure, digital, screen etc. The hotfolder-based system offers automatic and dynamic dot gain compensation, TAC correction and black generation for optimal printing.

The benefits of using Alwan Colorhub Press include:

Standardization of CMYK files from all sources
Improved printability, faster make-readies and finishing
Improved color rendering and quality
Better match with color managed proof
Solves virtually all set-off problems caused by heavy ink weights
Easier and more stable printing
Substantial ink savings of up to 30 per cent 

Please call Mark Anderton on 0113 815 1799 for a demo and trial.


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Alwan ColorHub ECO, Maximium Ink Save for Maximum Savings

Dynamic Black Generation for an unequaled ink and toner consumption reduction and color fidelity on the press

Alwan Colorhub ECO edition (ACE) is a unique solution that allows printers to significantly reduce ink and toner consumption of their presses without any visible change to the printed colors.
ACE recognizes your output printing conditions and optimizes black generation
ACE delivers ISO 12647 Color conformance

• Easy to integrate and to install in existing production workflows like Kodak Prinergy®, Agfa Apogee®, Screen Trueflow®, Fuji Rampage®, Dalim Twist® and Enfocus Switch®
• Includes PDF industry Standard Adobe PDF library® latest version for problem free PDF processing in any recent or old RIP and production workflow
• Includes Award-winning and industry leading Alwan Dynamic DeviceLinks® technology and Alwan Dynamic Black Generation technology
• Improves make-ready time, print contrast and print stability throughout the print run of any printing process
• Eliminates all wet ink and set-off problems caused by heavy ink weights
• Guaranteed and proven maximum ink savings thanks to included "Ink Statistics" calculator
• Winner of nearly all Ink savings benchmarks and studies done by independent organizations
• Guaranteed Return on Investment (ROI) in less than 6 months thanks to Alwan's Money Back Guarantee

Please call Mark Anderton on 0113 815 1799 for a demo and trial.


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Where's Alwan CMYK Optimizer?

CMYK Optimizer is now known as Alwan ColorHub which reflects the increased flexibility for RGB, CMYK and Packaging

What is Alwan ColorHub?

ColorHub was the first preflight, standardisation and optimisation software for CMYK separations and data

I'm a PrePress house, how does Alwan ColorHub help me?

It allows pre-media and prepress companies produce consistent printable files

I'm a Printer, how does Alwan ColorHub help me?

A printer has to deal with everyday jobs where client supplied files do not print well enough or fast enough on press. This causes delays on press to achieve the right rendering (which is not always possible) and generates considerable losses in machine time, waste and the possibility of client dissatisfaction. ColorHub delivers optimum files which will print well.

How can I turn a bad print job into a job which prints well?

By using Alwan ColorHub to

Correct the separations for the process, reduce TAC to avoid set-off and dirt.

Match the separation dot gain in the incoming files to the printing substrate actual dot gain.

What do I do if the paper is changed at the last minute?

Use a standard ICC profile which is the closest to the paper type and adjust the dot gain in the ColorHub queue. 

Dynamic Devicelink Profile or a Static Devicelink Profile?

Instead of applying the same conversion to all elements in a job, which is what a static DVLP would do, ColorHub applies a dynamic conversion to each file leading to a more accurate colour reproduction. 

ColorHub can also specific blends like primaries, secondaries and achromatics will be preserved in order to maintain colours and honour overprints.  

What is Intelligent TAC correction?

Alwan Dynamic TAC correction fixes improperly built files so they print much better on press. In a static DVLP for most visuals you will get lower TAC than required globally on output, hence losing contrast. Dynamic Devicelink technology maintains maximum contrast.

How does Alwan Ink Savings work?

Ink savings algorithms in ColorHub will use the output profile to calculate intelligent black generation and optimise/reduce ink consumption. 

How do I know how much ink/money I am saving?

The Ink Statistics log will document ink savings on a job by job/daily/monthly basis. Your ROI is calculated for you automatically! 

Can I correct dot gain in an Alwan queue in PrePress?

Yes, apply dot gain compensation to files in a queue so you only need one plate curve for imaging to multiple paper stocks. 

How does ColorHub convert spot colours?

You can rely on the spot colour definition specified inside the PDF, if "Convert Spot Colours to CMYK" is ticked in the Purity tab. Or you can rely on custom spot colour conversion, available through the "Spot Colors" button and define your own CMYK values. 

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