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Where's Alwan CMYK Optimizer?

CMYK Optimizer is now known as Alwan ColorHub which reflects the increased flexibility for RGB, CMYK and Packaging

What is Alwan ColorHub?

ColorHub was the first preflight, standardisation and optimisation software for CMYK separations and data

I'm a PrePress house, how does Alwan ColorHub help me?

It allows pre-media and prepress companies produce consistent printable files

I'm a Printer, how does Alwan ColorHub help me?

A printer has to deal with everyday jobs where client supplied files do not print well enough or fast enough on press. This causes delays on press to achieve the right rendering (which is not always possible) and generates considerable losses in machine time, waste and the possibility of client dissatisfaction. ColorHub delivers optimum files which will print well.

How can I turn a badly print job into a job which prints well?

By using Alwan ColorHub to

Correct the separations for the process, reduce TAC to avoid set-off and dirt.

Match the separation dot gain in the incoming files to the printing substrate actual dot gain.

What do I do if the paper is changed at the last minute?

Use a standard ICC profile which is the closest to the paper type and adjust the dot gain in the ColorHub queue. 

Dynamic Devicelink Profile or a Static Devicelink Profile?

Instead of applying the same conversion to all elements in a job, which is what a static DVLP would do, ColorHub applies a dynamic conversion to each file leading to a more accurate colour reproduction. 

ColorHub can also specific blends like primaries, secondaries and achromatics will be preserved in order to maintain colours and honour overprints.  

What is Intelligent TAC correction?

Alwan Dynamic TAC correction fixes improperly built files so they print much better on press. In a static DVLP for most visuals you will get lower TAC than required globally on output, hence losing contrast. Dynamic Devicelink technology maintains maximum contrast.

How does Alwan Ink Savings work?

Ink savings algorithms in ColorHub will use the output profile to calculate intelligent black generation and optimise/reduce ink consumption. 

How do I know how much ink/money I am saving?

The Ink Statistics log will document ink savings on a job by job/daily/monthly basis. Your ROI is calculated for you automatically! 

Can I correct dot gain in an Alwan queue in PrePress?

Yes, apply dot gain compensation to files in a queue so you only need one plate curve for imaging to multiple paper stocks. 

How does ColorHub convert spot colours?

You can rely on the spot colour definition specified inside the PDF, if "Convert Spot Colours to CMYK" is ticked in the Purity tab. Or you can rely on custom spot colour conversion, available through the "Spot Colors" button and define your own CMYK values. 

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