This cloud based solution is dedicated to anyone who cares of color precision and accuracy for any process. Whether you are manufacturer in Plastics or Fabrics or Print you will want to use ChromaChecker™, because this is the first “color cloud” which incorporates all the components that are required for accurate color reproduction: lighting, instrumentation, substrates and actual devices. It allows for reporting conformance based on the operator, based on timeframe, job number, customer; any way you want to define your process. Our goal is to educate the user on what the precision and accuracy is for any device, and provide tools which help you interpret actual results to optimize the color accuracy of your devices. 

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ChromaChecker tools

Colour Engine are the distributors for ChromaChecker in the UK and Ireland.Working with a number of skilled resellers we support all client installations and provide a fast knowledgeable service. Contact Colour Engine