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Digital Information Software - DI-Plot (CIP4), InkZone (Ink Key Preset) and Preproofer

With several thousand installed licenses DI-Plot has become a standard name in the graphics industry. The InkZone, Ink Key Preset,  product line launched by Digital Information in 2001 has enabled hundreds of printers to integrate their existing and new presses into their digital networks. The Preproofer in turn has become today's most successful double-sided proof system.

 DI Closed Loop Colour and Ink Key Preset

From using DI software to set the Ink Keys for faster make ready, reduced costs and increased quality the system can be extended to create a complete Closed Loop Colour Control. With Colour Engine's local installation and support printers are rejuvenating old presses and achieving an immediate ROI with better, more consistent colour and acheive 12647-2 print standards.