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Digital Information Software - DI-Plot (CIP4), InkZone (Ink Key Preset) and Preproofer

With several thousand installed licenses DI-Plot has become a standard name in the graphics industry. The InkZone, Ink Key Preset,  product line launched by Digital Information in 2001 has enabled hundreds of printers to integrate their existing and new presses into their digital networks. The Preproofer in turn has become today's most successful double-sided proof system.

 DI Closed Loop Colour and Ink Key Preset

From using DI software to set the Ink Keys for faster make ready, reduced costs and increased quality the system can be extended to create a complete Closed Loop Colour Control. With Colour Engine's local installation and support printers are rejuvenating old presses and achieving an immediate ROI with better, more consistent colour and acheive 12647-2 print standards.


di-plot, Digital Information

JDF Technology for Ink Key Preset DI-Plot creates synergy. The software delivers the appropriate data for presetting ink keys and duct rollers on all units of your sheetfed or web presses. DI-Plot calculates ink coverage data from bitmap files generated by any RIP, writes an industry-standard JDF file and transfers the data via Ethernet to your pressroom. As a universal link between workflow, proofer and press console, DI-Plot works equally well in older and more recent technology environments. DI-Plot generates JDF files of the highest quality, resulting in accurate initial color settings for all printing units. Hundreds of press operators rely on data from DI-Plot and the companion press console interface InkZone Perfect to operate their presses with efficiency and confidence. That’s because the DI-Plot and InkZone Perfect solution minimizes duct roller feed, allowing exploitation of the full range of each ink key in addition to greater sensitivity to individual ink key adjustments. Thanks to the CIP4/JDF functionality of DI-Plot and InkZone Perfect, most any prepress workflow can now be extended directly to the pressroom via straightforward XML, even to presses of different age or origin. No need to invest in expensive, proprietary work flow plug-ins for outputting obsolete CIP3 files. DI-Plot takes you directly there.


inkzone Digital Information

The InkZone concept for presetting the ink keys on offset printing press is making life easier for printers: they are saving money and gaining time; at the same time, they are achieving considerable increases in quality and productivity.

InkZone is an intelligent, JDF-enabled concept for closing the prepress to press workflow gap. InkZone is independent of all press manufacturers. Thanks to dedicated interfaces, a unique method to make a network connection to most any press console – even on older offset presses – and a low price point, closing the workflow gap is attainable for printing operations of all sizes.

InkZone can be used with all popular press types. Existing offset machines without digitally preset ink zones can be upgraded with InkZone simply and economically.

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A detailed description of the supported presses and consoles can be obtained here as a PDF file.
  • Adast
  • Akiyama
  • Aurelia
  • Caber
  • CIP3
  • Eltromat
  • EPG Essex Products Group
  • GMI Microcolor
  • Hamada
  • Heidelberg Sheetfed
  • Heidelberg Commercial Web (incl. Harris, Goss)
  • KBA Sheetfed (see also Planeta)
  • KBA Commercial Web (Logotronic)
  • Komori Sheetfed and Commercial Web
  • MAN Roland (manroland) Sheetfed
  • MAN Roland (manroland) Commercial Web
  • Miller
  • Mitsubishi
  • Müller Martini
  • Monigraf
  • Perretta Graphics Corporation
  • Planeta (see also KBA)
  • Polly
  • Rockwell/Allen-Bradley
  • Ryobi
  • Sakurai
  • Shinohara
  • TGC Grafitel