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Enfocus: for your Productivity

At Colour Engine we really like not the just the software from Enfocus but also their philosophy.

"Enfocus helps you to make your life easier"


  • Open architecture
  • Increased efficiencies - reduced costs
  • Plug and play integration
  • Make the work-flow and files used easier and better

For some companies just implementing one automated task is enough to pay for the solution,

for others highly complex  multi server work-flows have replaced creaking bespoke or rigid proprietary systems.

A Smart Investment

Enfocus Switch has been a smart investment for us. It’s an open technology, so we could seamlessly integrate Switch with our existing imposition software too.

It’s not just about software though, both Colour Engine and Enfocus gave us good advice and delivered everything they said they would. Support has been fantastic and we’ll be happy to recommend Switch as a solution” DG3’s Prepress Manager, Dax Britton.

Colour Engine can scope, supply, install and support Enfocus Switch and PitStop Server software.

Please call on 0113 815 1799 for a demo, trial or free workflow audit.

How Switch makes your life easier


The automation solution for any business and budget

Gain time by automating repetitive tasks

Be consistent in all that you do

Save money by avoiding re-work and corrections



Automate repetitive tasks
Create powerful workflows that ensure your desired level of consistency and quality.

Modular approach
Only pay for what you need today and add functionalities as your business needs grow.

Switch Appstore


The Enfocus Appstore is a online marketplace where you can instantly buy and use applications that extend your Switch flows and ultimately, your operations.

Switch has a community of specialists including users, integrators and Channel Partners around the globe. Over the years, this community has grown, and knowledge is now shared in various mediums, including the Enfocus Forum and the Official Switch User LinkedIn Group.

The Enfocus Appstore is an extension Enfocus's commitment to openness and collaboration with our customers and partners.


PDF Review Module

Enfocus PDF Review

The PDF Review module is a simple, yet powerful PDF approval tool. It is designed to automate and replace manual email soft proofing.

  • No more fiddling with PDFs for email
    The PDF file is uploaded to a web server and streamed to your customer. That way, you don't need to save low-resolution versions in order to send them via email.
  • 100% correct PDF viewing
    No need to worry about overprint settings and client software. The PDF Review Module guarantees correct viewing of the file as you intended it to look.
  • No software needed for viewing
    The interface is browser based and the PDF file is streamed to the user.
  • No user management what so ever
    The PDF Review Module generates a unique URL which is sent via email. Your end user only needs to click the link in the email to access the interface and approve the PDF.


PitStop Pro & PitStop Server


Have you ever printed thousands of copies of a faulty PDF?

Ever crossed your fingers, hoping the file you're about to print is okay?

Do you spend hours checking customers' PDF files for errors?

PitStop Pro is your solution for these problems!



PDF Quality Control (Preflight)
Tired of manually checking every page of a PDF for errors? PitStop Pro automatically detects pretty much every possible error in PDF files.

Automatic corrections
Not only does PitStop Pro detect errors, it also gives you the possibility to fix them yourself or have it done automatically. 

PDF editing
PitStop Pro also lets you manually edit almost everything in a PDF file without leaving Adobe Acrobat.

PitStop Pro; Manual operation • PDF preflight and correction • PDF editing • Low volume production

PitStop Server: Automated (hot-folder based) operation • Integrates with Enfocus Switch • High volume production • Includes a CLI version for integration with other solutions

Connect All 

Connect ALL is used by hundreds of print service providers, publishers and creative agencies to automate thousands of customers throughout the world. Often, their clients have several tasks they need to do to deliver their layout files for print, review or distribution. Those tasks include:

  • Create print ready PDF files.
  • Verify and fix common errors.
  • Upload job files.
  • Communicate specifications.

Workflow automation is often kept behind the walls of the print service provider to help speed file production. Customer automation extends automation to the customers desktop automating their tasks, creating consistency, reducing errors and speeding up the overall production process.

Extend automation to your customer's desktop



Please call on 0113 815 1799 for a demo, trial or free workflow audit.

Download the Switch Brochure

Download the Switch App Store Brochure

Download the PDF Review Module Brochure

Download the PitStop Brochure

More information can be found at

Enfocus Forum and the Official Switch User LinkedIn Group.



For Colour Engine customers please mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Do you have a problem with Enfocus products? Please follow these steps:

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  3. Who to contact for which question?

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Activation Support: - Activation related

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