Just Normlicht 100Just Normlicht. For the easiest, fastest and best monitor to print matching there is a very tight relationship between the viewing booth and monitor. Remote Director controls, via USB, the Just Normlicht Desktop and Proofing stations to set the brightness exactly. Very importantly all of the Just Normlicht range for where indicated is Certified by Fogra to ISO 3664:2009.

Just Normlicht Booth-and-Screen

JUST Color Communicator 2

The image on the monitor and the printout can be compared directly under standardized light. Now with special backdrop work surface for excellent illumination of color proofs up to 50 x 50 cm. Copy holder with even lighting from the top and from below. Electronic dimmer and digital display with LEDs.

Just Normlicht VPS

Virtual Proof Station, VPS

Is a press-side viewing station that offers the unique computer controls to create an exact viewing environment match between monitors and press sheets. The Virtual Proof Station helps you take advantage of the opportunity to reduce costs by shortening the production cycle and establishing better, more accurate colour communications between everyone involved in colour decisions. The new self contained viewing area includes everything you need to create an ISO 3664 : 2009 compliant soft proofing area – anywhere in your facility.

Just Normlicht-VPT

Virtual Proof Top, VPT

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Drivers for USB Booth Connection