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Why does D50 lighting fail?


For all the progress made in colour management in PrePress (monitors, proofing), PDFs (ink limit, transparency) and at the press (12647-2) all final judgment is based on looking at a print, whether this is a proof or press sheet. Almost all of the time that judgement will be made with lighting that is non standard and often very non standard.Luminaire

What are the results?

- Booths have different brightness and a different colour of light. 
- Lighting is very bright and faces look blown out.
- Matching a monitor to print, the monitor looks very flat.
- Some luminaries will filter UV content out, some won’t and the paper white changes.
- Conversations with clients or printers with no common lighting for assessment.


Questions to ask yourself and supplier


- Are my tubes ISO 3664:2009 compliant?
- Have they run longer than 2500 hours?
- Does the luminaire or booth pass ISO 3664:2009?
- What is needed to pass 3664:2009?

- Why is there P1 and P2 luminance?
- Is the light measured with an instrument that can sample every 5nm or less?
- Do I have a Certified Audit trail?
- If the answer to any of these questions is No, Don’t Know or What? then we can help.



What to do?

GL-OPTIC spectis1.0-touch web

Incorrect lighting can cost companies with old booths or poorly specified equipment for the work, Colour Engine have invested in technology to allow UK companies an ISO3664:2009 audit and training service which will ensure any lighting conditions are certifiable and repeatable with scheduled tube changes and a fully documented audit trail.
We measure the colour of the light but also measure the intensity, the evenness, the CRI values and Metamerism Indices for the visible spectrum and for the UV spectrum.
Using state of the art GL Spectis technology and our experience your lighting will be ISO compliant for truly accurate colour assessment.


Colour Engine are happy to help on lighting specifications and fulfillment. 

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