Just Normlicht 100

D50 ISO 3664 Lighting Expertise from Colour Engine

Is any lighting suitable?

No. Lighting for the Graphics Industry should conform to the ISO Standard 3664:2009.

What is ISO 3664:2009

The standard defines parameters that the lighting needs to pass to be usable.

The tubes say they are ISO 3664:2009 compliant is that enough?

No, the tubes and the unit they are housed in need to be measured with the correct instrument.

How often should tubes be changed?

Each manufacturer will have their own recommendations, Just Normlicht's are every 2500 hours.

Are there different brightness levels for booths?

Yes the standard specifies two lighting levels, P1 and P2. The booth should be dimmable and be able to swap the levels.

Can I get my lighting checked?

Yes, Colour Engine have specialised ISO 3664 compliant instruments for a full audit.

How can I ensure the lighting stays correct?

Colour Engine offer a full support package to change the tubes and recertify the lighting.

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