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Remote Director: The World’s #1 Soft Proofing Solution


Remote Director Softproofing

Remote Director is online soft proofing has been taken to the next level. More reliable and faster handling of PDF’s, faster monitor calibrations, image viewer enhancements, added process automation via hot folders and many more new features help to streamline the soft proofing workflow.

Remote Director virtual proofing system is the final link to a truly digital workflow, eliminating the last remaining analog skeleton: the paper proof. With Remote Director, viewers can collaborate over colour-accurate proofs in real-time or work at their own convenience, allowing agencies, brands, publishers, prepress shops and printers to communicate with the utmost efficiency and accomplish in hours what has traditionally taken days. Proofs can be shared, marked-up and reviewed, and then revisions re-posted all before a paper proof can be picked up for delivery. And, as the first monitor-based proofing system to be SWOP® Certified, Remote Director guarantees that its proofs match the colour certification data sets used in Publication production or your current proofing system. It’s the next step in the design-to-print evolution.

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RD ProjectUser Status-web

What's New 

  • Project Statuses as well as individual User Statuses are now visible from the Projects List page.
  • Project Status Alerts now highlight projects that are approaching or past task Due Dates.
  • Interactive Dashboard Charts give instant visual feedback of Project Statuses and Alerts.
  • User Roles can now be created and customized.
  • Users can now be grouped together as Workgroups.
  • Project Filters can now be shared amoung Users.
  • The File Info and User Info dialogs have been redesigned to give more flexibility and control over Project Files and Invitees.
  • Server Administrators can now directly manage all Projects on the Proof Server.
  • Hot folders can be saved as templets, cloned and reused with changes
  • Updated the Eizo Monitor support to include the new CG and CX Series monitors.
  • Various GUI improvements, such as Project List Refreshing and Monitor PPI control.

 Remote Director Monitor Proofing

Remote Director System Highlights:

  • Browser-based for Mac & PC with easy to install plug-ins for Safari, FireFox and Internet Explorer.
  • RGB, CMYK and CMYK+spot colour workflows with open and dynamic use of ICC profiles combined with our spectral blending engine for specific presses and papers.
  • Spot colour spectral blending engine for packaging and labels.
  • Software is free; downloads and installs in under ten minutes.
  • On-screen verification of colour accuracy ensures all reviewers' monitors are precisely calibrated.
  • Work on proofs in static sessions, automatic email notification, or work as part of dynamic workgroup sessions.


Remote Director Softproofing

There are many end users in the UK who are using Remote Director Technology for signing off their proofs on screen.

Some of the major companies who depend on the software in their workflow are;

  • Bauer Media
  • Associated News
  • The Guardian
  • Polestar Bicester ( was BGP) 
  • Polestar Print
  • Dubsat

Many other companies access the technology through OEM deals.


 Remote Director Softproofing

Remote Director Softproofing

Softproofing Made Easy

What is Soft proofing?

With Soft proofing the output device is a calibrated monitor delivering a colour accurate proof rather than conventional "hard-copy" or ink on paper colour proofing.

What sort of Monitor do I need?

Hardware capable monitors are the best such as the Eizo CG and NEC Spectraview Ranges.

These are also Wide Gamut and can show all the colours for ISO Coated v2 (Fogra 39L) very accurately.

Other monitors are suitable but will have slightly less accurate colours in the saturated yellows and cyans.

Colour Engine can advise you on the best monitors available.

How accurate are the colours on a monitor?

If the monitor is of a high quality, very accurate with a Delta E average of under 1 for the Fogra MW3

Will Remote Director replace my inkjet proofs?

For some companies yes, most companies will use both and migrate over to monitor proofing.

Why don't I just use Acrobat for looking at PDFs?

Acrobat can be a good tool to use but is often used incorrectly, without paper simulation or the wrong profile, making the preview too bright with a high contrast range. There is also no data recorded of how the monitor was being used to proof the file or the quality of the profile.

Can Remote Director be integrated into my workflow?

Yes through automated hotfolders, or if needed a full API is available.

What ISO Standards does Remote Director support?

Hardware calibration according to ISO 12646 and ISO 3664.

Is Remote Director Mac or PC?

Remote Director is available for both Microsoft and Apple operating systems.

Softproofing and Monitor Proofing?

Added to that is Virtual proofing, all refer to a monitor to proof the document. Whats important is that the proof is validated to the standards, certified and recorded which most systems don't do.

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