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 Remote Director Softproofing

Remote Director Softproofing

Softproofing Made Easy

What is Soft proofing?

With Soft proofing the output device is a calibrated monitor delivering a colour accurate proof rather than conventional "hard-copy" or ink on paper colour proofing.

What sort of Monitor do I need?

Hardware capable monitors are the best such as the Eizo CG and NEC Spectraview Ranges.

These are also Wide Gamut and can show all the colours for ISO Coated v2 (Fogra 39L) very accurately.

Other monitors are suitable but will have slightly less accurate colours in the saturated yellows and cyans.

Colour Engine can advise you on the best monitors available.

How accurate are the colours on a monitor?

If the monitor is of a high quality, very accurate with a Delta E average of under 1 for the Fogra MW3

Will Remote Director replace my inkjet proofs?

For some companies yes, most companies will use both and migrate over to monitor proofing.

Why don't I just use Acrobat for looking at PDFs?

Acrobat can be a good tool to use but is often used incorrectly, without paper simulation or the wrong profile, making the preview too bright with a high contrast range. There is also no data recorded of how the monitor was being used to proof the file or the quality of the profile.

Can Remote Director be integrated into my workflow?

Yes through automated hotfolders, or if needed a full API is available.

What ISO Standards does Remote Director support?

Hardware calibration according to ISO 12646 and ISO 3664.

Is Remote Director Mac or PC?

Remote Director is available for both Microsoft and Apple operating systems.

Softproofing and Monitor Proofing?

Added to that is Virtual proofing, all refer to a monitor to proof the document. Whats important is that the proof is validated to the standards, certified and recorded which most systems don't do.

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