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PrintFactory and ProofMaster

So, what is it exactly that makes PrintFactory different to other software providers?

Advanced colour management

  • Effortless and powerful colour management toolkit for consistent colour quality
  • Automated colour correction that can be easily executed at operator level to bring printers to a golden state and catch any print or media problems before it’s too late
  • Ability to easily create a DeviceLink profile that links the colour reference profile and the printer profile for improved accuracy across devices

Cloud-based automation

  • Automatically schedule jobs according to deadlines so jobs are only sent to print when absolutely ready
  • True shape contour nesting to minimise waste and ensure deadlines are met
  • Professional tools tailored for operator responsibility with the ability to carry out production tasks in the cloud
  • Load balancing and fail-over

A true end-to-end solution for LFP

  • The only software that is truly compatible with Mac OS and Windows systems
  • Complete job preparation editor without the need for any other application
  • A complete package offering printing, cutting, pre-flighting, profiling, job preparation
  • Bi-directional Cloud connector (API to access all RIPs from one single point of entry/API)

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