12647 Standardisation and Certification

Alwan Conformance 12647, CMYK Optimizer

The future of commercial printing industry will depend on its ability to adapt to the new market realities. Very soon, working to standards will become a requirement for all printers seeking clients beyond their neighborhood, as is the case for most manufacturing and production industries.
More than 400 printers are currently compliant to PSO/ISO 12647 and dozens are joining the list every month worldwide.

There are 3 steps to succcess.
1. ISO 12647 Gap Analysis Audit: The audit of the printer workflow and production system allows them to identify conformities and areas of improvements in the print house.
This audit consists of a comprehensive questionnaire, guidelines and  testforms that need to be proofed and printed on production equipment to be assessed.
2. ISO 12647 Implementation: Gap Analysis Audit Report and ISO 12647 Implementation toolkit will allow you to implement ISO standards internally or with the help of an external consultant.
3 ISO 12647 Certification: An independent accredited auditor will conduct the audit and tests.

Colour Engine and Alwan Technologies help acheive the standards and work with a numbers of organisations and consultants.

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