ISO 12647-2 certification


PMC is the only accredited certification body for ISO 12647-2. PMC’s leading edge certification for the BPIF ISO 12647-2 certification scheme is the new benchmark for colour quality in print.

The BPIF's scheme is designed to combine a quality management system with the requirements of ISO 12647-2 to ensure colour quality on a consistent and ongoing basis. ISO 12647-2 certification is therefore not just an "MOT" on a single item of print, but a guarantee of ongoing colour quality to the industry's customers.

Both printers and print managers may be certified under the scheme, and an existing ISO 9001 certification is not a pre-requisite for the scheme. If required, ISO 12647-2 audits can be combined with ISO 9001 and/or ISO 14001 audits, and transferring a 9001 or 14001 certification to PMC is easy: we simply pick up your audits and include ISO 12647-2 at the next scheduled visit.

For further details, please contact Jon Stack at PMC by email on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or contact Jon on 0044(0)1827 64471.

ISO 12647-2 pre-audit product testing

PMC can offer pre-audit product testing for the BPIF ISO 12647-2 certification scheme. If you intend to be audited for the certification, but would like to have your product tested prior to the formal audit, to determine whether you are capable of passing at the formal audit, the PMC can arrange a "pre-audit" product test for you. We use exactly the same criteria, methods and procedures as the formal audit test, so you can become familiar with this, and PMC then provides the test results in the same way as the formal audit. If you'd like to arrange a pre-audit product test then please contact Jon Stack at PMC.