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Note: Fluorescent tubes will stop being sold in September 2023.

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About Just Normlicht

JUST Digital Light Systems (DLS) now make homogeneous, short and long-term stable LED-based lighting a high-performance, cost-effective, standards-compliant solution. Standard LEDs and LED tubes are unable to emit uniform, stable light over the long term, exacerbated by the fluctuating quality of LED manufacturing. Through a patented multi-stage calibration process, selection of the best light-emitting diodes and LED drivers, and sophisticated control processes, JUST LED based luminaires produce the highest quality light, stable over the long haul.

These are the JUST Digital Light Systems.

DLS colorCommunicator

DLS colorCommunicator

The size of a desktop viewing device united with the innovative JUST LED technology. The illuminant types D50 and D65 can be dimmed continuously and the UV-content can be switched on and off.


The classic colour matching station with convenient cabinet is now available with the new JUST DLS moduLight colour proofing light. With the bush of a button you can switch between D50 and D65 and UV content can be enabled or disabled for either illuminant. Especially during the transition time for converting from FOGRA39 to FOGRA51/52, the solution provided by the new LED luminaire is a practical one.

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The Just Normlicht website has in depth details on their software.

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