Colour Engine and Remote Director has some of the largest UK publishers using Remote Director.

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Monitor Proofing

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Remote Director is #1

Remote Director is #1 for a reason

Our patented software not only guarantees all are viewing the same colour on calibrated monitors, but “heals” the break in the otherwise totally digital workflow caused by hard copy proofs. This means no more struggle with “which is the latest version?”. All colour conditions, version control, auto compilation of comments and approvals and full audit trail assure you that your project is completed properly and is accurate – reducing errors, cost and increasing quality.

Monitor Proofing

Manage Your Color

Remote Director includes our patented state-of-the-art monitor calibration software allowing you to calibrate your display to a colour standard. The user can select ANSI standard defaults or change requirements for their needs. Colour settings for each project are synchronised and verified across all users invited to view the project. Users who are assigned a role that includes “colour accuracy” are forced to calibrate their display before viewing and commenting on the proofs. Our patented software works with the industry’s top displays and calibrates them internally for consistent rendering.

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